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2AAA-FM is owned by Wagga Wagga Community Media Incorporated.

The incorporated body has some 140 financial members who elect a Committee of Management at an Annual General Meeting.

The Committee of Management consists of seven directors. Each director is a financial member of the incorporated body and serves the committee for two years. There are three positions available for election one year and the next year there are four. A majority of the Committee of Management is elected every two years.

The Directors elect a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Directors are allocated portfolios & represent those committees on the COM.

The Committee of Management meets monthly & reports to the members on a monthly basis & specifically to all members via the Annual General Meeting.

The Directors call on a number of personnel and sub-committees to assist in the operation of 2AAA-FM. They are:

  • Sales Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Committee
  • Production Committee
  • Technical Committee
  • Training Committee
  • Building/Grounds Committee
  • Program Committee
  • Music Resources Committee

The Program sub-committee comprises team leaders from different music / program genres & times within the station. A Director of the Management Committee attends Program Committee meetings. The Program Coordinators represent the following programs:

  • Country – Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday
  • Daytime – Mornings
  • Drive time & Sunday afternoon
  • Jazz
  • Friday Evening
  • Saturday Morning
  • Sunday Evenings
  • Blues